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Pestagon Pest Control

Wasp control, Clusterfly, Rat and Mice infestions all dealt with by our expert pest control and pest management technicians.

Pestagon Pest Control are an independent, well-established family-run company based in Cambridgeshire and Haverhill, covering Cambridge, Newmarket, Ely, Saffron Walden, Haverhill, Bury St Edmunds and many other cities, towns and villages.

We hope to respond to calls within 2 hours and offer a polite and professional service. When conducting extermination and removal services we take steps to ensure prevention of future infestations, and also give advice on how to help prevent problems.

Our pest control services are available for industrial, commercial and residential premises and our prices are highly competitive; providing a quote specifically tailored to your exact requirements means you will never pay more than you need to.

You can be assured that our team are highly trained and comply to the highest standards required to assess and carry out pest and rodent control and prevention work, particularly where high levels of hygiene and care are required such as a restaurant or school.

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Rats pose a significant health risk to both people and pets, as they carry common diseases which can be deadly if caught. They will also cause damage to your property and chew wires, causing potential fire risks with exposed electrical contacts.

Rat infestations can be identified by several methods – scratching noises, droppings around your property, ammonia smells and teeth marks on wires and food packaging being just a few.

Pestagon Pest Control can not only help to identify the locations rats use as an entrance, but also take measures to manage and remove the infestation. Our highly experienced technicians can also offer advice for future prevention of rat infestations.

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Mice are not only a nuisance – particularly in kitchens and children play areas – but they also carry common diseases and tend to spread them as they search for food and shelter. Like rats they can also cause extensive damage to your property.

Mouse infestations can be identified by several methods – particularly droppings, which tend to be in high activity areas, and mice very often build nests by shredding paper, fabric or other similar materials. Mice can produce up to 80 droppings a day.

They have poor eyesight and see best in dim lights, while female mice can reproduce 6-10 times a year, and can give birth when they are only 2 months old!


Wasps are the classic nuisance insect, and a large annoyance as autumn arrives. The UK has several species all similar in appearance (with the exception of the hornet). They’re generally 10-20mm in length and bright yellow and black.

They create their nests in all types of locations – from sheds and bushes, to under roof tiles, garages and even underground in your garden.

Pestagon Pest Control can safely remove and control wasp nests on your property. For a free, no-obligation quote call the wasp management experts today on 01223 813 888.

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Cluster Flies

Cluster flies are slightly larger that the common house fly, and vary between 6mm – 10mm in length. Their flight characteristics are more sluggish, and they tend to cluster together in large numbers – hence their name. During cooler weather they tend to hibernate within buildings of any type.

Fortunately they are not known to carry diseases in the UK, but they can be a nuisance. While the fly swat would work wonderfully for controlling house flies, cluster fly infestations require more drastic action. Pestagon Pest Control can offer suitable advice and carry out appropriate targeted treatment to eradicate your cluster fly problem.